World of WarCraft Addiction

June 6, 2007

Lately, I’ve been on a World of WarCraft kick.  Within the past week, there’s been several days where I come home from work around 6:30 and some times don’t finish playing until almost 4:00 in the morning.  Sad?  Yes, I know.  But because I am aware of the situation, I decided to do some research and see how dangerous this growing obsession could become.

Here’s a frightening article that opened up my eyes a bit…


A Korean husband and wife are facing criminal charges after their baby daughter died when they left her alone in order to play World of Warcraft.

According to news site Chosun, police say the parents left their four month-old child alone in a bedroom while they went to play the MMORPG at a local Internet cafe.

When they returned five hours later, the baby was lying on her stomach and had died of suffocation.

“We were thinking of playing for just an hour or two and returning home like usual, but the game took longer that day,” the couple is reported as saying.

Following a police investigation, the husband and wife will be required to defend their actions in court.

“It’s unfortunate, because the tragedy could have been averted if the couple had just left their daughter with Yu’s mother-in-law, who lived upstairs from them,” said police.

“We booked the pair on criminal charges, judging that when you consider the situation, they were responsible for their daughter’s death.”

HOLY CRAP!!  I don’t have kids, but if I did – I wouldn’t want them to die because I was running around Razorfen Kraul looking for BlueLeaf Tubers.  That’s just flat out neglect.  You didn’t even have time to take your kid upstairs?  I’m all for Father/Son bonding, so if anything, I’d help my kid create a character so he could help me clear out some dungeons.  If he’s too young, he can sit on my lap and watch.  Same goes for my hypothetical daughter.

Through further research, I also found this following article

Doctor: 40% of World of Warcraft players addicted

Twitch Guru talks with a clinical psychologist and assistant professor at Harvard Medical School, Dr. Maressa Orzack (pictured), who believes 40% of the 6 million World of Warcraft subscribers are addicted to the game. Said the doctor: “I think there needs to be warning labels on MMORPGs like World of Warcraft, similar to warning labels on cigarettes. People should know that these games are potentially harmful. I’m sure the game industry will be up in arms over it, but that’s what I’d like to see happen.”

Any readers purposely avoid the game because of its widely believed addictive nature? Furthermore, does a game, if abnormally addictive, warrant a warning label?

Like I said earlier, I’ve been playing a lot lately.  With these previous articles in mind, I want to make sure this will not cause damage to myself, loved ones, or hypothetical loved ones.  Luckily, I found a “Are You Addicted to World of Warcraft?” test on OkCupid… creditability aside, it still helped me gauge my possible addiction.  Turns out I’m only 39% addicted!  Good enough for me!  That’s not even half!  I’m okay so far!  Guess I can go on and keep playing!  Yep!  No problems here!  Did you say something about denial?  I’m gonna pretend I didn’t hear that.

I understand that some of you out there may already have a far worse WoW addiction than myself.  Whether you’re aware of it or not, I suggest you check out the WoW Detox site to get some help.

Ladies, some of you may have a significant other that suffers from WoW addiction.  I point you to WikiHow for some good advice on How to Stop Your Boyfriend from Playing World of Warcraft.

I hope this information was helpful to anyone out there who has had encountered WoW Addiction.  Please, use this information.  There’s no need for more babies to die.  I’ve confronted my problem – you should do the same.



  1. At first glance at that photo, it looks like Stephen Hawking has made a remarkable recovery!

  2. I have purposefully stayed at a distance from WoW. I know what I can and cannot handle…and I don’t have room in my life for a/another game addiction.

  3. the guy looks like bill gates, lol

  4. I showed this article to my wife. I was quick to point out that it is directed at boyfriends, not husbands. So I’m in the clear.

  5. I can’t believe a couple could get so addicted to that game. I’ve seen the game, tried it out for 5 minutes, and I was bored to death!

  6. I can’t believe a couple could get so addicted to that game. I’ve seen the game, tried it out for 5 minutes, and I was bored to death!

  7. Hi i’m chris i am an addict of the world of warcraft game i have been playing since the day it came out i have never been level 70 but my shaman is leveling realy fast so bout a week till im 70 🙂 i have a 63 warrior too my entire family including (cousins-sisters-brothers-aunts-uncles-and even my grandmother who is 53 plays world of warcraft! they all have about 7 level 70 characters EACH with approcimately 4 to 7,000 gold pieces on each of those level 70 characters. My addiction for world of warcraft is noticable i talk about the game alot and i am doing a report in english class about WoW addicts like *ME* and more people who have died bacause of the game.
    One of my family members who is my aunt can beat anyones record of DPS level game time and heals she has the warlock record damage of 27,980 she is very skilled and has about 10+ 70’s.
    why am i talking about my aunt some of you may ask because i think she has a severe addiction .. other than smoking witch i dont really care about her wow addiction is incredible.. she plays about 6 out of 7 days of the week and about 100+ hours a week she does PUG kara every day and heroic dungeons every night.
    I hope she can get over her addiction. If anyone has any comments or questions about the game or my family or myself please contact me at my msn e-mail or my yahoo mail ivebeendoornobbed@yahoo.com or add me to myspace http://www.myspace.com/xxxlifesucksxxx.


    Cris. >8o

  8. Server miss type CENARION CIRCLE(alliance)

  9. I quit after playing for a long time. I realised everyone in the game is addicted and could not stay away. They get angry if you suggest they are addicted and can’t stay away even though they think they can. I heard that 40 percent of people are addicted, but i’d guess it’s more like 90 percent.

    The people who play wow are all zombies, they have red eyes, pale skin, they don’t talk, they get angry when talked to while playing. This game was designed to start you off slow and bring you into it. You know when I started to play I did not like it, but soon I was loving it. Smoking sound familar?

    Alot of people know they are addicted and say oh I only play an hour a day. Thats a lie. They say it to justify their addiction. This game was designed to make you devote a huge amount of time into it. If you don’t put time into it, your friends will pass you by and you don’t want that. You also can’t get ahead because sometimes just to do certain things you need to grind the same thing 20000 times or more. By the time your 70, your looking at hours and hours, especially if you choose to raid one day.

    So i’m wondering if the person does not want to play much, does not want to be equal to other players, do not want to be included in groups, raids, does not want items, dos not want friends (cause they’ll pass you by very fast if you hardly play) etc then why do they play? It’s because they are lieing about their addiction and get upset when they think they are.

    Too bad there is not a dependable web chat or forum for wow addiction.

  10. I quit because people are nasty. They don’t care about you, they are so stuck in the game and zoned out. If you leave they will never email you or talk to you. They only like other addicts.

  11. […] *World of Warcraft kills! […]

  12. i cant beleive people get addicted to this game its pethetic i will never play that game because i’ll know what will happen to me world of warcraft is stupid.

  13. i never knew that this game was so addictive its stupid

  14. I am chronicling the journey of 30 days and 30 nights without video games and dissecting the addictive elements of MMORPG’s in this blog.

    If you’re interested please check it out!


  15. Blizzard hasnt really been held accountable for much to do with what has happend in the recent loss or unhealthy lives that have become.
    I played for almost 2 years and got over the game.
    the creator stuffed the game up by not supporting the customer first.
    I played tha game and thought the whole time this game should be banned.
    yes was enjoyable at times. but most is like work.
    you spend time doing things you dont want to do to get better gear or gold ect.
    being new at the game is like everyones worst nightmare in there. if your new and ask a new question for EG- where is stormwind ? people will bag you out.
    unless you are an addict like them you will be looked down opon.
    im glad blizz stuffed the game up by destroying PVP because thats all i played it for and now its not worth playing.
    people who quote they played the game for 5 minutes and were bored….. i played it for 5 minutes and same thing i was bored. its when you play the game for a little while round lvl 17+ you begin to play more and more.
    PS blizz doesnt care about u 😛 haha

  16. I once asked a GM in wow if i could log off wow to eat dinner and he said no 😦
    i cried i was so hungary!!!
    i didnt eat for days because the GM told me no i need to keep playing …. im so tired :,(

  17. I got a sock for christmas 😦

  18. i like chips while playing wow.
    i once played for 48 hous straight.
    but im not addicted i can quit anytime
    i once didnt go on for 4 hours while i went to club

  19. My family plays my sis, bro in law, myself , my husnabd, brother and his girlfriend. We have lifes, we work I take care of two babies and run a household. You cant say all are addicts. We will all get together to do a dungeon one night and play but after evferyone is fed and children are in bed. We have resonable bed times and we can still level like the best of them. If you are responsible and are having fun playing then thats all that matters. we can go days without playing to do other things. Its a game people. If you want to talk about addicting games what about guitar hero?

  20. i can\’t wait for a new mmo to replace wow, even if it comes from blizzard again, its getting so old 😐

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