Heroes Finale

May 23, 2007

From the reactions I’ve seen, it seems the opinions on the finale of Heroes are just as mixed as the reviews of Spider-Man 3.  Here’s what I say…

Since before the show even started, the writers and producers made it clear that this show was about real people discovering extraordinary abilities – and they’ve held true to that all the way through the first season.  It’s about telling a good story with interesting characters.  Action is not the main focus.  Although being the genre that it is, it does lend itself to action from time to time.  However, the writers do an excellent job of not letting the action get out of control.  They keep it grounded in reality as much as they can.  This is why some people were disappointed in the Peter/Sylar confrontation – because it wasn’t an all out, special effects, action-packed brawl they were hoping for.  Even I was hoping for it, but am I disappointed I didn’t see it?  No… well, maybe just a little, but more so… No.  The story and the characters are more important.  Each and every one of the characters completed their own arch for this story – everything came full circle.  Unlike some series that leave you with a bazillion unanswered questions and only answer a couple of them two seasons later, Heroes gives you the resolution of the main story, with enough tiny intriguing tid-bits as well as one major setup for the next season.

Heroes – Congratulations on a job well done!  Looking forward to Volume Two!


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