A Shirt That Will Only Make Enemies

May 22, 2007

Most of these movie endings are firmly embedded in pop culture; so much so that you can know how some of these movies end without ever having seen them. Regardless of that fact, you may want to be careful about where you wear this shirt. I wouldn’t recommend sporting it in video stores, libraries, or around people who may have just been released from decades of cryogenic stasis.

P.S. The boat sinks. He comes back to life in three days. They all live happily ever after.



  1. Classic! Love it.

  2. Nice, I saw this on digg a while back. I’d buy it, but I don’t want to die.

  3. […] A shirt that will only make enemies Check this out, over at Nerdgasm. […]

  4. he, I want one of them!

  5. I remember in my home town, when the Usual Suspects was released, someone had written “Keyser Soze” over Kevin Spacey on the poster ouside the theater. Of course, people lining up outside saw it and thought, “I wonder what that means.” Until the movie started and they started to get angry.

  6. Good one roaf!

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