Defending My Hero

May 15, 2007


As a Spider-Man fan through and through, it would be wrong for me not to come forth and give my two cents worth about the reactions Spider-Man 3 has been getting.  For the most part, the reviews are pretty mixed.  However, the ones that are causing more of an uproar are those dwelling on the negative. 

Like any other sequel, Spider-Man 3 tried to top its predecessors.  It took everything we liked from the first two movies and multiplied it – giving us more of everything that was good.  Too much?  Maybe.  But the film wasn’t trying to simply meet our expectations, it was trying to exceed our expectations.  Perhaps it tried too hard, or not hard enough, but if you ask me – they hit it dead on.  Bad pacing, bad script, too many coincidences, too many characters, too many subplots, too campy, etc.  These are the things that most of the reviews seem to be harping on.  I admit, Spider-Man 3 does have it’s flaws, but I don’t believe it deserves the beating that some of the critics and hardcore fans (who are even worse critics) are giving it.  Especially since the fans are the ones who were demanding more in the first place.

First and foremost, let me just say that I don’t give a flyin’ flip about what the professional movie critics say.  Chances are they’re not die-hard Spider-Man fans.  Since most professional critics do not have a full appreciation for all that is Spider-Man, they do their job and focus on what makes a good film – technically.  And if that’s what you want to nit-pick, go right ahead.  You’ll only end up ruining the movie for yourself.  The film makers weren’t trying to win an Oscar for Best Screenplay, they were trying to make a summer blockbuster that everyone would enjoy.  And based on all the Box Office records that it’s been breaking world-wide – that’s exactly what they did.  Eat it, critics.

For the fanboys who can’t stop bitching about how “Raimi ruined the franchise” – you need to shut up, too.  Because all you do is complain.  You complained so much that the producers made Raimi listen to you and give you what you wanted.  And what was the biggest thing the fans wanted?  Venom.  And Raimi captured Venom perfectly.  And now you’re complaining because you didn’t get enough and now he’s dead.  Venom’s not that deep of a character, folks!  In the comics, all he does is threaten to kill Peter Parker repeatedly and fails repeatedly.  That’s exactly what he did in the movie, and we don’t need to see it more than once.  He’s a one-trick pony.  So, get over it.  What’s great about all the Spider-Man movies is that they’re all about Peter Parker – not the villians.  Each character got the amount of screen time they deserved.  Also, if you were pissed because you thought Peter Parker dancing in the black suit was lame and cheesey – remember what the black suit does.  It amplifies the characteristics of it’s host.  Peter Parker was a nerd who was full of himself.  That’s exactly what you got.

Now, I could go on and on about why Spider-Man 3 was a great Spider-Man movie, but I don’t want to take up too much of your time.  In my opinion, Raimi and his team successfully captured the spirit of the comics in Spider-Man 3.  As long as you’re willing to relax and let the film carry you through, you’ll have a good time.  As far as super-hero trilogies go, it’s by far still #1.


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  1. Right on! Thats the exact same thing I’ve been saying to all my friends who found it…less than enjoyable.

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