Josh Holloway Approached for Gambit?

May 9, 2007

Apparently Lost star Josh Holloway has been approached to play everyone’s favorite mutant, card-dealing, ragin’ cajun – Gambit!  Whether it be for the Wolverine spinoff, the Magneto spinoff, the less-than-likely X-Men 4, or something entirely different – who knows.  To immerse yourself in the rest of the rumor, click here.

Josh Holloway



  1. I can see it… visually… accent-wise… that is up for debate…

  2. As an actor he should be able to change his accent to fit the role, but I haven’t seen him in anything other than Lost, so it’s hard to say…

  3. I read something about that ages ago. The version I read was that he was approached for Xmen3 but declined because the character would have been to similar to Sawyer.

  4. excellent writing .

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