Venom After Aunt May?!?!

March 26, 2007


Much to the delight of fans, last month Marvel Comics revealed that Eddie Brock, the original Venom, would be returning to Spider-Man’s life. Unfortunately, all wasn’t as it seemed. Brock would be resurfacing, but not as Venom. For those who haven’t been keeping track of Spider-Man history, Brock surrendered his alien partner to the highest bidder when he learned he had terminal cancer. He attempted to kill himself, but was found and subsequently hospitalized.

Shifting to the world of Peter Parker, the recent Civil War has spun our hero’s life out of control. He revealed his identity to the world while allied with Tony Stark. His fear for his family’s safety was settled when Stark offered them a place in the new Avengers Tower. All seemed well for Spider-Man. Of course, since this is Spider-Man, the good times didn’t last for long. As Iron Man became more and more obsessed with defeating Captain America, Spidey realized his choices in the conflict were wrong. He turned on Tony Stark, and fled with his family. He now finds himself hunted by the government for being an unregistered, powered being, and by his enemies, who now know his true name.

The Kingpin of Crime, Wilson Fisk, was the first to capitalize on Spidey’s weakness. He sent an assassin to eliminate Spider-Man, Aunt May and Mary Jane. Though technically botching the job, the hit man did strike one target – Aunt May. She was rushed to the hospital, but is now in a coma that she may never wake from. In a state of rage and grief, Peter Parker returned to his black costume, symbolically reaching back to a dark time in his past. But back to the hospital where Aunt May is
currently located…Guess where Eddie Brock is residing?

IGN is pleased to present you this exclusive cover to Sensational Spider-Man #39 by Clayton Crain. The possibilities are endless, and Marvel wouldn’t say a word to us.

We leave you with one thought however: Eddie Brock might not have a symbiote when he first surfaces in Sensational Spider-Man, but who says he won’t get it during the course of the story? We asked Marvel this and didn’t get a “no” as a response. In this case, a non-answer might speak volumes. We’ll find out more as soon as we can. We’d also like to take this time to announce that April will be Spider-Man month here at IGN Comics. To celebrate the imminent release of Spider-Man 3 in theaters, we’re dedicating a ton of features to Spidey. Expect interviews, previews, New Reader’s Guides, film analysis (of the third installment as well), an Ultimate Bookshelf segment and much more!

And who knows, maybe we’ll find some definite answers to just who is wearing that symbiote. Stay tuned!



  1. Talking about Venom (Spiderman 3)

    I think the Raimi-Venom is a great deception for all that Venom fans. It seems Sam Raimi had an accurate perception about what thing Venom should be for Spiderman Universe. Unfortunately, in its very own creativity, Sam eliminated all the symbolisms that many drawers, despite small changes, knew to preserve.

    GREAT WHITE LOGO IN CHEST. Contrast between white and black means danger, “be careful”, poisson. Just look at the nature, any bug with this color pattern is saying “hey, buddy. Stay away”. Instead, Raimi-Venom has a tiny grey spider, barely visible.

    GREAT TEETH ALWAYS EXPOSED. This means aggression and violence at extreme and permanent. Is not Venom this, always?. Instead, Raimi-Venom has a couple of big lips covering permanently tiny teeth. Just look at the production photos.

    HEIGHT. Size matters. It means power and implicit domination. Instead, Raimi-Venom is almost a dwarf.

    GREAT TONGUE. Sadism and cruelty, they are basic in Venom’s personality. If it has, Raimi-Venom doesn’t shows anything like that.

    After this, any doubt that Raimi-Venom is a great deception?

  2. So let me get this straight… You’re pissed that Venom doesn’t look exactly the same way he does in the comics. Okay… Did the Green Goblin, Dr. Octopus, Sandman, or Green Goblin II (aka New Goblin) look exactly the same? No. Do they still kick ass? Yes. Heck – even Spider-Man doesn’t even look exactly the same – the Spider symbol on his back was changed for the first movie. I don’t see you bitching about that…

  3. Ja!!

    Take it easy little boy

    Two things

    a) I’m talking ABOUT VENOM. Did I mention Dock Ock, G. G., N.G., Sandman, Spidey?? NOP

    b) Do you know what means “Symbolism”?. No, I doubt it. I suppose is a little high for you.


  4. Hello,

    Blog administrator here. I appreciate you two visiting and commenting on my blog, but this is really more of a conversation for the discussion boards. I’ve taken it upon myself to create a thread and a poll regarding this topic. You are welcome to continue this conversation there. Feel free to create your own topics as well. Thank you very much!


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    I really like your site it is probably the coolest ever.

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