TMNT Review!!

March 26, 2007

Just saw TMNT yesterday, here’s my thoughts and feelings on the revival of the franchise.

The Good:
The action! It’s no super intense Michael Bay or high-tech Matrix-like action – it’s a kids’ movie. Regardless, the action is very fluid, well thought-out, and fun to watch. Let’s just say they made the action as mature as they could while maintaining a PG rating.

Also, the movie successfully re-introduces the characters without rehashing their origin – similar to what they did with Superman Returns. It keeps the dark feel from the comics, the light-hearted humor, and delivers a good message for the kids.

Oh, and the movie also pays respect to the first Ninja Turtles movie released back in 1990 by throwing in a couple of callback lines for you to enjoy. That was nice. 🙂

The Bad:
Nothing major. Minor flaws. Nothing that would keep you from enjoying the movie.

1) With all due respect to the late Mako, the first time Splinter spoke, I thought he was drunk. Fortunately, with the humor he brought later, I was able to forgive that.

2) The movie focuses heavily on Leonardo & Raphael. Not that that’s a bad thing, but one of the consequences is that Donatello and Michaelangelo are lost a little. Oh, and at one point in the movie, with the dialogue that was taking place at the time, I wondered if Leo & Raph were secretly gay for each other.

3) 13 Monsters entered our world from another dimension 3000 years ago and now, in present time, they must be sent back to their dimension. Great! Thankfully, no one in the past 3000 years was able to kill or capture these monsters. Oh, and let’s also be thankful for the fact that monsters all decided to reside in New York City and not spread across the world. That makes this story much easier to tell! Very convenient!… Yeah, a little too convenient. But, with the reality of movie in mind, can I forgive this? Yes I can. After all, there are 4 giant turtles and a rat walking around that all know ninja.

4) The dialogue gets a little bit cheesey here and there, and for this I blame the kids. Not saying that kids are dumb or anything, it’s just that sometimes they need things spelled out for them.

5) April O’Niel now knows how to fight. I can understand that. I mean, she does now live with a vigilante and hangs out with 4 ninjas. But apparently she gave up the News Reporter gig and became an… archeologist?… I think? Maybe? Something like that anyway… odd change of occupation from the previous movies with no explanation.

I liked it! It’s a reinvention of the franchise. So, there have been some minor changes here and there, but it’s nothing to get all pissy about. All in all – they’re still the same turtles that we all know and love. This is a kids movie, but all adults need to do to enjoy it is sit back, relax, and let themselves have fun.

3 out of 4 stars.


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