Possible Transformers Sequels??

March 13, 2007

Transformers screenwriters Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman talked to MTV about the anticipated film and also a bit about a possible sequel:

Kurtzman: As fans, we read that [first draft] and said, “This isn’t the best use of Soundwave, so let’s save him for when we can actually do Soundwave right.”

MTV: It sounds like you’re already thinking about a sequel.

Orci: We have ideas, but we’re trying to be diligent about not thinking ahead. We have a few notions.

MTV: Would any of the later incarnations of Transformers from “Armada” or “Beast Wars” be involved in future stories?

Kurtzman: Sure. Everything is up for grabs. But you have to be careful to not mix too many of the iterations. We couldn’t crossbreed too much.

They talk more about Bumblebee and the third act of the film here.


One comment

  1. “After Starscream flees Earth at the end of ‘Transformers’ he returns to Cybertron to gather more Decepticons to head back to Earth. They tried to just get in, get what they needed and go, but now they are here for revenge!

    Meanwhile, the Autobots have had new arrivals from other Autobots all over the universe, and they are ready to fight to the death to defend this planet!”

    You know, just an idea…

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