Weekly Heroes Q & A

March 9, 2007

Fans ask questions, writers answer. Read the rest of the Q & A here.

Rocky did some looking into the Uluru legends after last week’s Q&A and came up with some interesting stuff. “Most legends of Uluru involve a battle that occurs on or near the area that Ayers Rock is located. Could these battles be linked to the powers? A spiritual connection to former Gods? A extra-terrestrial presence granting powers dating back to the origin of civilization? I know you can’t say, but is this along the right lines?” First of all, it’s so cool that you did the research. Rocky, I bet you were a good student. And we love your theories. There’s a little something from each of them. Spritual. Battles. Civilization. If you look a little further into Australlian mythology, you’ll find one part that you’re missing.


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