Daredevil Will Die, Ben Affleck Not Responsible

February 26, 2007


With all the speculation surrounding who might die in Civil War, one thing is particularly clear: Daredevil is definitely going to bite the dust. Sadly, he’s not the so-called “Fallen Son.” Matt Murdock will meet his fate in Marvel’s latest “The End” installment. The franchise is a series of specials, one-shot or otherwise, that detail the demises of many different Marvel heroes. Daredevil’s particular installment has been titled Daredevil: End of Days.Not much was said about the project other than the creative team. Brian Michael Bendis, known for his critically acclaimed run on Daredevil, will be writing the storyline. Bill Sienkiewicz will be handling the interior art while David Mack and Alex Maleev work on the covers.

Previous titles in the line have varied greatly in terms of design. The X-Men series received several mini-series that collectively revealed the end of the mutants. However the Fantastic Four tale is being told in one set of books. It is not known what precise structure End of Days will have.

Marvel was also quiet about plot details and release dates. Stay tuned to IGN for future announcements.


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