Heroes Q&A

February 21, 2007

Every week, the writers of Heroes answer questions that are e-mailed to them from fans. Here is the latest. And here’s a little segment…

FAN: Coty Ellis brings up a fanboy dream match possibility. “What if Peter and Sylar went into an all-out slugfest? Is this just wishful, fanboy thinking, or can we expect a Peter/Sylar fight through New York, powers on high? Now that one thinks of it, a fight of that caliber could go on for days.” That could be some nasty, nasty, fun stuff!

WRITERS: Peter and Sylar fighting huh? You think America is ready for it? These two will fight more than once by the end of episode 23. Technically, more than twice. That’s all we can say without giving up the farm. But how’s that tickle your fanboy fancy?


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