Interview with Mr. Fantastic

February 20, 2007

Ioan Grufford, aka Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic, sat down with the people at ComingSoon.net to bring you this fun little interview. He talks about the upcoming sequel, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. Here’s a little piece for you…

ComingSoon.net: What is it about you and alliterative names? First “Horatio Hornblower”, then “Reed Richards,” now “William Wilberforce.” Did this coincidence dawn on you when you took on this role?Ioan Gruffudd: It did actually. Yes, absolutely. I sort of insist it every time.

CS: So if someone wants you to play a character whose name isn’t
alliterative, your agent makes them change it?

Gruffudd: Yes, I would change it. (laughs)


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